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    • Dsc00586
      Though Carin and I can't prove it scientifically, we are pretty sure that Ranger is the best dog in the world. These are some great pictures - enjoy.

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    I agree not to confont crazy people, esp on an airplane when you are sitting next to them.

    But she did owe you something for the pain. I suggest next time you not only put away your laptop and clean-up, but take off your pants and underwear. At least she might say something when you are sitting next to her naked 35K feet in the air.


    I have found that you should immediatly take off your pants and underwear on long flights and people will not sit by you and spill wine. If they do the clean up is fun.

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    Jimmy, or she'll just run away and get the flight attendant to tell you to put your clothes back on. Either that or hide in the bathroom the whole flight.


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